“I highly recommend Dr. Meyer and the team at First Impression Dental! From basic cleaning and routine dental care to more advanced cosmetic care, Dr. Meyer is very professional with his explanations prior to care and during dental treatment. As a mother, I’ve been very comfortable with our children being patients of First Impression Dental because of his compassion for his patients. Thank you!”

 – Koleta W.


“Over fifteen years ago, based on the confidence I had in Dr. Meyer, and his First Impression Dental team, I made the decision to improve my smile. The satisfaction and excitement I experienced on day one with Dr. Meyer and his team remains strong today! Dr. Meyer’s commitment to my “smile maintenance” is unwavering, and it’s why my family remain long term patients of First Impression Dental. Thank you, your dedication to your craft is appreciated!”

 – Mike W.


“Dr. Tim and his whole team have made this process so easy and personable. He takes a very warm and knowledgeable approach to guide you step by step. I wouldn’t have chosen any other team!”

 – Susannah M. following Invisalign treatment


“Dr Tim and his staff provided me the highest level of care, service and courtesy during my treatment. I had a very bad habit of grinding my teeth, and clenching my jaw. So much that I severely ground down many of my teeth and cracked some molars. I was subjected to many tooth aches, infections, headaches, and a sore neck. Dr Tim explained that this was all due to the change in the profile of my teeth which influenced my jaw alignment. He made sure that my comfort level was addressed and resolved, along with my new crowns. My teeth were in such bad repair that many dentists refused to accept the challenge. After my initial assessment with Dr. Tim, he did not hesitate and provided me with a detailed course of action and timeline. He took the time to explain everything thoroughly to me. His confidence and professionalism provided me with a high level of assurance and comfort, and I asked him to tackle my situation, which he did. I now have a full set of functional teeth and I am enjoying things I haven’t been able to do in years with no more headaches. The professionalism of Dr. Tim and his assistant Tammy, and their teamwork was very impressive. The pleasurable experience provided by Dr. Tim and his staff made the 4 hour round trip I did every visit was very well worth it. I highly recommend Dr Tim and his staff for anyone looking for dental work and will personally endorse him. I have a very deep gratitude for the work he did.”

– Terry R. following full mouth reconstruction


“I came into this office after an unresolved TMJ issue from an injury. From the moment I called to explain my pain, I was given timely, efficient, and knowledgeable help. Dr. Meyer and each of the staff members I worked with were top of the line in terms of friendliness and knowledge. In less than a week, I was already experiencing some relief from the pain that had been going on for months. Dr Meyer was honest, professional, and made me feel like I had been a patient of his for years the very first time I met him. He listened carefully and provided multiple options available to me that he felt could help. He explained the process of each option both short term and long term. He never pushed me to make a decision but he really seemed like he takes each individual case in the direction he feels best suited based on the cause and timeline of the issue at hand. As an additional positive, his treatment plans were extremely practical. I can’t say enough positive words about the experience I have had over the last couple months at this office. I would highly recommend Dr. Meyer and his entire staff to anyone experiencing issues with TMJ and I could only assume the quality of normal dental care would be just as good.”

– Michael L. following treatment for TMJ pain


“I contacted Dr. Meyer as a “second opinion” since the TMJ treatment plan from my “first opinion” was too expensive and time consuming. Dr. Meyer provided a FREE initial consultation and had me fitted for a splint during this free visit. The splint was ready the next day and only cost $105. Their office follows up by phone (for free) for progress. I’m already experiencing pain relief and I didn’t have to spend the thousand of dollars my “first opinion doctor” wanted. Dr. Meyer is very compassionate and knowledgeable. The office staff is also great! I highly recommend them!”

– JJ S. following treatment for TMJ pain


“My family has been seeing Dr. Meyer for over 8 years and we have been more than satisfied. His experience, knowledge, confidence and personality are all excellent and it I’m thankful that I have someone that I can trust to always do a great job. In addition to the dental expertise, the entire office staff is friendly, professional and competent. I’ve always had pleasant visits and the office is very beautiful, comfortable and the staff works so well together. I’m grateful that Dr. Meyer came highly recommended to me; I now see why.”

– Renee W.


“First Impression Dental is a first class organization that is so far ahead of any previous dentist that my family has had! They are always on time, always 100% professional, 100% friendly and personable, and have have absolutely state-of-the-art technology and facilities.

My only regret is that I did not switch from my previous dentist sooner. After 25 years at my former dentist, a few years ago, I needed a root canal that was deemed too difficult by my dentist and the other dentists in his office. They were going to outsource me to an affiliate whose financial policies assumed that all patients would not pay their bills. I found Dr. Meyer who had all the knowledge and experience and I could tell his professionalism was a step ahead. The root canal was no problem for him and his team and painless for me. I switched over my preventative care to First Impression Dental and over the next year, the rest of my family switched over too. Best decision I ever made. Its the difference between being satisfied and being wowed.”

– Mark and Nancy K. 


“I put off having dental work for years and am so glad I did not put it off any longer. Dr. Meyer and his entire team made me feel comfortable and I could not be happier with my new smile. I would definitely recommend Dr. Meyer in a heartbeat.”

– Norma L.


“I was always self conscious about my teeth and never wanted anyone to see my teeth when I would smile. Seeking advice and help can be nerve wracking and embarrassing, but Dr. Meyer and all of his staff always treated me with respect and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I am so thankful for Dr.Meyer and his assistant Tammy for their wonderful work and care. Now I get so many compliments about how great my teeth look and it has helped me gain a lot of self confidence back.”

– Jessica


“I recently visited this dental practice, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the exceptional care I received. The staff was not only professional but also incredibly knowledgeable about my TMJ pain. The expertise of the dentists was evident throughout my visit, from the thorough examination to the detailed explanations of the treatment options.

The facility itself is modern and well-equipped, creating a comfortable environment. The staff’s attention to detail and commitment to patient comfort set this practice apart. What truly amazed me was the positive impact on my daily life—I used to experience headaches almost daily before seeking treatment at this dental office. Since then, the specialized care has made a remarkable difference, and I now leave with a renewed sense of confidence in my smile. I can’t wait to purchase red lipstick and show off my perfect smile. I highly recommend this dental office to anyone seeking specialized treatment for TMJ and crowns. A definite 5-star experience!”

– Kayla S.


“By far the best!”

– Ronald


“I knocked out 1/2 of my front tooth the day before my wedding 13 years ago.  I have also been a clencher and a grinder most of my adult life with my teeth wearing down, shifting and chipping over the past 20 years.  Dr. Meyer and his team have been incredibly helpful, patient, and diligent when helping me find my perfect smile.  From Invisalign, veneers, and mouth guards to excellent customer service, smiling faces and making sure everything is perfect (the way I want it.) They are nothing short of amazing!!  Thank you Dr. Meyer and team for always being in my corner and helping me attain the best smile possible!”

– Melissa R.


“Thanks to Dr. Meyer, today was the first time I have ever been told ‘you have such a beautiful smile!’ Previous dental experiences, starting at childhood, left me with major dental anxiety. I had missing, broken and ground down teeth with a lot of sensitivity. He assured me he could make sure my restoration was painless. I had heard that before and was very skeptical but this time it actually was! I now have a beautiful smile and can’t thank Dr. Meyer, Tammy, Jenny and the entire staff enough for their kindness and support.”

– Linda N.


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We have been coming to Dr. Meyer for many years and really appreciate the great service we receive. I enjoy getting my teeth checked and cleaned with Dana. The whole staff is very professional and very friendly. They are also great with our son who has a disability.

--Sandra N.

We have been seeing Dr. Meyer and his staff for many years now. The facility is always clean and bright as are all the faces that greet you. Great dentist.

--Chad H.

Dr. Meyer and his staff are truly amazing and very caring. They go above and beyond in providing excellent dental care. Highly recommend!

--Sharon G.

Above average dental care. Dr. Tim and staff are always personal. They go above and beyond to assure you are comfortable, your dental needs are taken care of and all your questions and concerns are addressed. The facility is beautiful and has all of the newest state of the art equipment. They definitely bring a BIG smile to anyone in their care!

--Barb J.

They are beyond amazing to work with and I cannot express enough how comfortable they make you feel. Dr. Meyer knows of my fears and works with me.

--Danielle G.

Thanks to Dr. Meyer and his wonderful staff I can enjoy smiling again. I went to First Impression Dental when I noticed that my smile was looking awful in pictures. Not only did they straighten my teeth and give me a beautiful smile with veneers, but my mouth has never been healthier. I highly recommend them for all your dental needs.

--Debbie N.

Great office. Very clean and organized. All procedures and price given in advance. Friendly employees. Overall easy appointments. Highly recommend. They also have the best pens!

--Julie R.

The team at First Impression Dental is caring and professional. Always a wonderful experience!

--Kristen G.

First Impression will always be my first choice when it comes to dental services. Everyone is friendly and very experienced. I would recommend this place to anyone.

--Justin W.